Midwest Rents COVID-19 Statement
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– Rodney Oilschlager –

Rod is a 1973 graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry. He holds a Wisconsin Real Estate Broker’s License and a Florida Condominium Association Managers License.

Following graduation Rod spent the next seven years as a pilot in the United States Navy where he received valuable management and leadership training.

He has worked with Midwest since September of 1980 and has worked in all phases of the company from construction, construction supervision, on-site management and district property management.

As President of Midwest, Rod’s primary responsibility is to supervise the company’s operations as well as the overall administration of the company’s business and financial positions.

His personal involvement in directing both management and administration has been instrumental in the company’s success of maintaining high occupancy rates and low expenses.